France launches a fashion revolution with climate impact labels

Sumary of France launches a fashion revolution with climate impact labels:

  • At a recent presentation at Première Vision, the Paris-based textile conference, many new processes were highlighted, such as non-toxic leather tanning, dyes extracted from fruit and waste, and even biodegradable underwear that can be composted.
  • These kinds of solutions make it difficult to determine the true sustainability rating of clothes, but European brands will soon have no choice.
  • To collect data and build long-term relationships with their suppliers, things they don’t usually do, said Victoire Sotto of The Good Goods, a media agency focused on sustainable fashion.
  • The legal message It is clear: it will be mandatory, so brands have to prepare, make their products traceable and organize automatic data collection, Erwan Autret, one of the Ademe coordinators, told AFP.
  • Ron Lach for Pexels Next year, all clothing sold in France will have to carry a label indicating its exact climate impact, and a similar rule is expected to apply to the rest of the European Union in 2026.

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