George at Asda launches major back-to-school campaign

Sumary of George at Asda launches major back-to-school campaign:

  • George at Asda is already set to open its new UK Back-to-School (BtS) TV and media campaign on Saturday (23 July).
  • The 30-second ad also encourages sustainability as well as cost-saving and permanence, with a scene where one of the young rappers delivers secondhand uniforms from her kiosk to a line of ardent juveniles.
  • This year, genitors also have an anaglyph, when an enrollee uses a ‘cash weapon’ to shoot funds straight into their wallets as they keenly wait at the school gates.
  • It aims to show that George at Asda has genitors’ backs, with an extent of uniforms designed to dispatch impressive value and permanence for juveniles returning to school at the extremity of season during the growing cost-of-living crisis.

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