gigi hadid protagonist of the new issue of vogue italia

Gigi Hadid, protagonist of the new issue of Vogue Italia

Sumary of Gigi Hadid, protagonist of the new issue of Vogue Italia:

  • “They are two different creatives, yet they have similar visions,” says Gigi.
  • And this is the story that Vogue Italia makes in the September issue.
  • Gigi Hadid by Rafael Pavarotti “I believe that what tempts people to join this sector and to experience fashion as a source of inspiration are still the stories in which the narrative is really strong,” says Gigi Hadid in the interview.
  • While I remember the intermediate moments of those glossy photos, those in which I am on the set and I share my time with other creatives ».
  • “He is young, but he has a great knowledge of what he does.
  • And in fact today it seems that the new world of fashion has more to do with humanity than with glamor, as the model points out: “Often from the outside we think of fashion as a superficial system.
  • In the shots, the supermodel appears in a new guise, artfully built together with fashion editor Grace Coddington and photographer Rafael Pavarotti.

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