givenchy models walk on water in paris fashion week

Givenchy models walk on water in Paris Fashion Week

Sumary of Givenchy models walk on water in Paris Fashion Week:

  • The spa, which was called Bains de la Samaritaine, was think to be Western Europe’s most affluent at the time and the mother of contemporary indulgence spas.
  • ETUDES TAKES THE TRAIN Design triumvirate Jose Lamali, Jeremie Egry and Aurelien Arbet at Etudes used a desert railway on the outskirts of Paris as the move — and fanciful springboard — for an urban-themed display.
  • Here are some highlights of Wednesday’s spring-summer 2023 shows: GIVENCHY MAKES a shallow SPLASH This was the high-fashion Givenchy of Audrey Hepburn in name only.
  • Guests watched from the platform onto the Petite Ceinture, or Little Belt, railway — a thirty-kilometer line circling the city.

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