“Good Clothes, Fair Pay”: living wages for those who make our clothes

Sumary of “Good Clothes, Fair Pay”: living wages for those who make our clothes:

  • Each brand, but also a retailer, would thus be required to assess the remuneration granted to all workers throughout the production chain, in order to adjust minimum wages upwards so that they become vital.
  • Miserable pay that a citizens’ initiative, launched on July 19, 2022, wants to see increase to finally allow these workers to live decently.
  • However, employees in this industry spare no effort, with particularly long working days, recall the NGOs Max Havelaar France and Fashion Revolution France.
  • An initiative supported by NGOs, economic experts and political decision-makers, in which you can take part as a citizen of the European Union.
  • Decent pay for all workers in this industry, regardless of where the products are manufactured and any along the supply chain.
  • Brands have for too long promised to fix these working conditions, but “even today, the average salary of people working in the textile and fashion sector is only 0.6% of the cost of a t fast-fashion shirts,” laments Catherine Dauriac, president of Fashion Revolution France.
  • A pittance for those who make our clothes As figures from the Clean Clothes Campaign report, the people who make our clothes receive on average half of what they need to support themselves and their families.

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