Gretel Z between Olympian goddesses and rainbows

Sumary of Gretel Z between Olympian goddesses and rainbows:

  • Text size The new Spring / Summer 2023 collection by Gretel Z, a brand designed by the Bergamo-based stylist Gretel Zanotti, who shows with Altaroma in the Guido Reni District, is born from the sensations of a lived moment.
  • Thus the young designer, for this season, has turned into the Hellenic messenger with golden wings: Iris, personification of the rainbow, who ran from heaven to earth, to the darkest depths of the abyss, a beautiful and sweet girl with refined features .
  • Gretel Z The moments that follow a summer storm, when you expect to see a shy rainbow appear in the sky, which nevertheless generates wonder and amazement.
  • All in a color palette that recreates the colors of the rainbow and the waves of the sea.

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