gucci collaboration with superplastic for nft

Gucci, collaboration with Superplastic for Nft

Sumary of Gucci, collaboration with Superplastic for Nft:

  • Dimension of the text Gucci takes another step forward in the path of research and experimentation in the metaverse.
  • After the first virtual experiences, including the Gucci Aria Nft auctioned by Christie ‘s, Supergucci is born, a new collaboration with Superplastic, a company specialized in the creation of animated characters, limited edition vinyl toys and digital items from collection.
  • This is an ultra-limited series of CryptoJanky Nft and handmade ceramic sculptures that will go on sale starting February 1st.
  • Gucci collaborates with Superplastic for a NFT collection The first of the three drops offers a limited offer of ten different NFTs, each accompanied by a ceramic sculpture handmade in Italy and created jointly by Gucci and Superplastic.
  • Each NFT, in a very limited number and of high value, is inspired by the motifs, iconic images and distinctive symbols of the Florentine maison, reinterpreted by Janky & Guggimon, virtual characters as well as Superplastic artists.

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