guys are suiting up in quirkily

Guys are suiting up in quirkily…

Sumary of Guys are suiting up in quirkily…:

  • He certainly found one: a high-wattage hula-girl-patterned cabana suit by the Toronto-based swimwear brand, Bather.
  • Travis Wedgeworth, pictured here with his wife, picked out a vivacious cabana set for his Hawaiian honeymoon.
  • Photo: Travis Wedgeworth A cabana suit—also known as a “matching set” or “two-piece set”—is a combo comprising a shirt (normally a short-sleeved, camp-collared number) and shorts in the same, often startling pattern.
  • ” If his set’s many admirers wanted to procure their own cabana suits, they’d find plenty of options across the budgetary spectrum this summer.
  • Though they might look like novel Instagram fodder, cabana suits date back to the mid-20th century.

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