How French Manicures Went From Tacky to Trendy

Sumary of How French Manicures Went From Tacky to Trendy:

  • It was a ‘mass-pirational’ style in that it wasn’t just the evaluation of an elite few, said Brooklyn fashion historian Suzanne E.
  • Jennifer Lopez revealed two angular Frenches in one day at the 2022 Tribeca Festival, and Nicola Peltz wed Brooklyn Beckham with a milky French—a contemporary loop on the mani her mother-in-law Victoria promote when she was a spice Girl.
  • Try swiping white gum on a silicone nail workman (like the one here), wedge the end of the nail into the workman and cleanable the edges with a remover.
  • Until lately it had been definitively out, associated with 2000s-era high-school proms and tawdry walk culture.

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