how much laura pausinis jewels cost at eurovision 2022

How much Laura Pausini’s jewels cost at Eurovision 2022

Sumary of How much Laura Pausini’s jewels cost at Eurovision 2022:

  • Eurovision Song Contest 2022 May 13 2022 Laura Pausini enchanted the public Activate notifications to receive updates on Eurovision Song Contest 2022 ACTIVATE UPDATES With her style and her sympathy Laura Pausini is the undisputed queen of Eurovision 2022: during the the first two evenings she alternated great evening dresses, going from Valentino pink to Alberta Ferretti’s creations.
  • Laura Pausini’s Swarovski ring Also for the second evening Laura Pausini showed off two dress changes: the total black look was completed by precious jewels from the Harmonia collection by Swarovski: the dangling earrings are worth 135 euros, while the rigid bracelet with oversized crystals costs 400 euros.
  • Laura Pausini in Alberta Ferretti with the Swarovski necklace This is the Mesmera model and is recognizable by the Y shape and the geometric dimensions of the stones: the precious necklace is worth 700 euros.
  • Laura Pausini with Swarovski jewels New dress, new jewels: with the latest dress she wore pink rings, again from Swarovski, with a value of 28 euros (for the Lucent model) and 135 euros (for the Millenia model) respectively.
  • The set was completed by coordinated rings: in total he wears four and they are worth 135 euros each, 540 euros in total.

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