how one mail order catalog changed mens fashion and queer desire forever 1

How One Mail-Order Catalog Changed Men’s Fashion—and Queer Desire—Forever

Sumary of How One Mail-Order Catalog Changed Men’s Fashion—and Queer Desire—Forever:

  • The International Male Story Maureen Dalton Wolfe worked at International Male from about 1985 to 1990, first designing window displays at the San Diego retail store and then working as an art director for shoots..
  • At the time, though—and even more so when Buckard and others left after catalog giant Hanover Direct purchased International Male in 1988 and tried to make it mainstream in the 90s—there was a tightrope walk around not “appearing”.
  • Now, Dalton Wolfe can clock International Male influence in the neon clothes she sees at Urban Outfitters and ASOS when she shops for her son..
  • All Man producer and co-director Jesse Reed sees the impact online, too, citing male users on TikTok—regardless of their sexuality—wearing expressive clothing that may have gotten their asses kicked at school twenty years ago….

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