how royalty will dress at queen elizabeth iis funeral

How royalty will dress at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Sumary of How royalty will dress at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral:

  • In this passage she mostly preferred to be accompanied by her memories of her family.
  • Purity, perfection, innocence: these are some of the values ​​that pearls embody.
  • Meghan will probably keep a low profile and recover, if she has any, other gifts received from her husband Harry’s grandmother.
  • To dictate the rules on the dress code relating to mourning was Vittoria who, as we know, dressed in black (but covered with pearls) from the death of her husband Alberto in 1861 to her death, in 1901.
  • It seems that her dearest jewel is her grandfather’s three-strand pearl necklace that she wore since she was a child.
  • Among the pieces already at her disposal, we could review the diamond with the pendant pearl that the queen wore in the 1977 Silver Jubilee or the pearl and diamond brooch called Cambridge, also owned by Elizabeth, with which she was painted in the portrait.
  • The Princess of Wales therefore crosses two legendary stories, that of Elizabeth but also those of Diana, the one who preceded her in the title.

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