how this web designer gets her skin so good jhoanna marissa shares her solutions for melasma prone skin

How This Web Designer Gets Her Skin So Good Jhoanna Marissa shares her solutions for melasma-prone skin.

Sumary of How This Web Designer Gets Her Skin So Good Jhoanna Marissa shares her solutions for melasma-prone skin.:

  • Photo: Courtesy of Jhoanna Marissa Jhoanna Marissa currently works as a web designer;
  • Marissa realized acting would be an “ongoing hobby” and not a career when she was 15.
  • “It’s funny, America Ferrera and Camille Guaty, who were in the movie too, recently posted about it because it’s almost the 20th anniversary, and I saw the side of my face, and I had acne— I was just dealing with it so much.” Doctors offered her harsh solutions like Proactiv and Accutane, but when her mom came across research correlating gut health to the skin, they realized there might be a gentler approach.
  • I love Daisy sour cream, and I used to eat it with Doritos — that was my snack.” Her go-to products have, of course, changed over the years, but her focus on diet and digestion has remained been at the forefront — and her skin isn’t afraid to remind her of their importance when she veers off track.
  • I had to go back to the basics.” Marissa’s main struggle is melasma, which she first learned about through her mom and grandmother’s struggles with the condition.
  • That’s all I’ve done from an injectable standpoint.” Below, Marissa shares her go-to products, including the probiotic she tells all of her friends about, the sunscreen that gives her a dewy look, and the expensive eye cream she swears is worth every penny.
  • Not everyone can take it on an empty stomach because your stomach can get upset, but I feel the best when I take it like that.” The Ice Roller “Geri Hirsch, the creative director of Saie Beauty, she’s a friend of mine, and I cannot take credit for this ice roller because I think she blew it up.
  • I always joke, ‘You should make your own ice roller’ because I feel like she has really promoted that thing, done swipe-ups for it on Instagram, and everyone knows about it probably because of Geri.

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