Ilary Blasi changes her look: her new hair color is the soft blonde

Sumary of Ilary Blasi changes her look: her new hair color is the soft blonde:

  • February 3, 2022 Ilary Blasi continues to be more active than ever on social media, it is precisely on her profile that she has documented yet another change of look.
  • The presenter turned to her trusted hairstylist, asking her to revolutionize her hair color: here is her new hairstyle.
  • Ilary Blasi is one of her most beloved Italian presenters and, although she has been away from TV for several months, she continues to be very popular on social media, where she never misses an opportunity to document all her daily commitments.
  • If until a few years ago she was practically unavailable on Instagram, now things have changed and she does not hesitate to post photos, videos and Stories.
  • In the last few hours she has done it again, revealing a brand new hair look.
  • Although she hasn’t given up on the iconic blonde, she has added a super bright touch to the hair.
  • Ilary Blasi at the hairdresser This morning Ilary Blasi visited the trusted hairdresser Alessia Solidani and, maybe because she wants to get ready for spring or because she simply wanted to change, but the certain thing is that she has revolutionized the hair look.
  • She hasn’t given up on lengths, she has in fact kept the cut unchanged, but she has added very light blonde shades all over the hair.

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