in fashion copying is now cool

In Fashion, Copying Is Now Cool

Sumary of In Fashion, Copying Is Now Cool:

  • Virgil Abloh is the quintessential contemporary fashion designer: he knows streetwear and luxury are one and the same, and collaborates with Nike as easily as he does with Chrome Hearts.
  • Nearly every one of his collections, for Off-White and Louis Vuitton, includes at least one garment or idea that seems to have appeared in another fashion designer’s collection first, and that sparks active debate online.
  • Brands zealously guard their trademarks (including Abloh, whose litigiousness may suggest that he believes his take on copying is something more considered than mere hype-chasing knockoffs).
  • Abloh’s rise has happened in tandem with the growth of social media, which has a unique hold on fashion discourse (most of the new guard of self-appointed critics and commentators have come up on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube).
  • In an industry known for gatekeeping, calling out copying has made the average social media user unusually powerful.

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