in full containment shopping bags as the only outward signs of wealth in china

In full containment, ‘shopping bags’ as the only outward signs of wealth in China

Sumary of In full containment, ‘shopping bags’ as the only outward signs of wealth in China:

  • The hopping bags or shopping bags are none other than those plastic or cardboard bags, it is according to them, in which the luxury houses carefully place the purchases made in the shops.
  • And it is precisely appearances – sometimes misleading – that have led the inhabitants of Shanghai to use these hopping bags as new outward signs of wealth, while waiting to bring out their favorite wardrobe.
  • The closure of stores, coupled with the difficulties in obtaining food, weighs on the daily life of the population which is gradually showing signs of resistance.
  • In other words, they are shopping bags but covered with a logo; something that obviously makes all the difference.
  • And while high-end shopping sprees don’t seem to be the priority right now, fashionistas have found a way to show off their status, wealth, and style in these uncertain times.
  • In Shanghai, China, where more than 25 million people are currently confined, luxury hopping bags have become more popular than handbags, accessories and other couture pieces themselves.
  • They have become the stars of social networks for months, allowing users to highlight their preferences in terms of brands and products – even if a shopping bag can house an Hermès bag as well as a simple perfume.

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