inflation alarm ecb towards rate hike in july

Inflation alarm, ECB towards rate hike in July

Sumary of Inflation alarm, ECB towards rate hike in July:

  • Words that welcome the intense pressure of the hawks – such as Bundesbank president Joachim Nagel who explicitly points to a rise in July and expects a record average inflation in 2022 in Germany, at 7%.
  • Since further negative shocks are to be expected , says Lagarde from Ljubljana, it is now right for monetary policy to return to a more normal order .
  • For this reason, today the BTP-Bund differential closes down at 191 after exceeding 200 basis points in recent days, and the European stock exchanges also recover: + 2.5% Paris, + 2.15% Frankfurt and + 2.84% Milan.
  • Text size Inflation soars to 8.3% in the US after reaching 7.5% in the euro area: a very serious problem as Prime Minister Mario Draghi defines it, levels unacceptable for President Biden.

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