issey miyake celebrates the art of lightness in paris

Issey Miyake celebrates the art of lightness in Paris

Sumary of Issey Miyake celebrates the art of lightness in Paris:

  • Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, spring-summer 2023 – DR In the large courtyard with wrought iron pillars of the Louvre Post Office, the show begins in the most classic way, the models passing and returning on the catwalk, dressed in superimposed pieces or twisted, supple and comfortable, shaped in the brand’s iconic pleated fabric.
  • Lines and curves are precise and carefully studied to create new garment designs and shapes.
  • Simple, functional, and playful, Plissé Issey Miyake men’s clothing once again confirms their practicality this season, adapting to all body types and the twirling races of everyday urban life.
  • Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, Spring-Summer 2023 – DR Homme plissé also appeals with its modular nature, as illustrated by this coat which can be worn loose or, on the contrary, gathered at the waist via a cord, while its hem can fold towards inside out to create a mid-length silhouette.
  • The wardrobe is made up of timeless basic pieces (jackets, knitwear, bermudas, pants, cardigans, jumpsuits, overcoats), where everything comes down to form and detail.
  • Like Issey Miyake, who returns to the enjoyable show-performance format after the pandemic parenthesis.
  • Launched in 2013 in a more modern, urban and sporty spirit compared to the main collection of the Japanese house, Homme Plissé has been parading during men’s week since June 2019.

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