iulm registrations open for the new master in fashion heritage

IULM: registrations open for the new master in Fashion Heritage

Sumary of IULM: registrations open for the new master in Fashion Heritage:

  • To complete the training offer, study visits will be organized in public and corporate museums, animated by interventions by the curators of these museums linked to the fashion, art and culture industries.
  • The main area of ​​interest of this course of study is the archive, a precious place dedicated to the custody of cultural resources, which shapes the identity of a brand or company and which influences its creative and production processes.
  • Collecting and vintage are also of great importance in this sense, all areas that contribute to forming new and increasingly sought-after professionals who work alongside the style offices in the search for trends.
  • The lessons, which will be held in the Roman campus of the University, at Palazzo Cipolla, in via dei Montecatini 1, will be managers and professionals from public and private institutions.
  • Thanks to the use of cutting-edge tools and practical knowledge such as cataloging and digitization, it will be possible to learn how an archive or a public museum works.

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