izumi ogino anteprima celebrates i 30 years en plein air

Izumi Ogino (Anteprima) celebrates i 30 years en plein air

Sumary of Izumi Ogino (Anteprima) celebrates i 30 years en plein air:

  • The minimalist visual artist and painter Carmen Herrera was instead a source of inspiration to interpret Preview’s values ​​of vitality, research and innovation: her vivid and bold works are reflected in the collection in color block prints, with contrasting shades.
  • Izumi Ogino, Preview’s creative director, celebrated this milestone in this way, opening the show to the public: a way to thank Milan, which has become the home of the brand.
  • In addition to the approximately 200 seats reserved for the guests, many onlookers attended the show in the background of the Civic Arena, with models brought to the place by an ATM bus.
  • Always linked to design, the designer was inspired by the art of the late sixties and seventies, a period of the boom in contemporary art and the golden age of fashion and in particular the glamor of Catherine Deneuve.
  • The special collaboration with Marcello Morandini, Italian architect, sculptor and graphic designer, is reflected instead in the amplified prints with oversized proportions, in the black and white contrast capable of reflecting the positive and negative binomials, immobility and movement.

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