jeff bezos wore a cowboy hat to space

Jeff Bezos Wore a Cowboy Hat to Space

Sumary of Jeff Bezos Wore a Cowboy Hat to Space:

  • Today, billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became a space cowboy, launching himself just outside Earth’s atmosphere for 10 minutes while wearing a cowboy hat and boots.
  • Bezos’s short stint to the Kármán line, which delineates Earth’s atmosphere from outer space, comes just nine days after fellow billionaire and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson also launched into space for a 1.5-hour mission.
  • Branson’s crew’s uniforms, while a similar shade of blue, felt a little bit more Tron, featuring gold inset thigh panels and matching grippy boots that could be, in a different context, maybe sort of sick.
  • Now that Branson has congratulated Bezos on Blue Origin’s successful launch, maybe they can come together to decide on some new spacesuit colorways.

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