Kate Middleton, the “bad” detail hidden in her favorite dresses

Sumary of Kate Middleton, the “bad” detail hidden in her favorite dresses:

  • Kate Middleton in Alessandra Rich According to the designer, Middleton is more confident today than she is at twenty and her choices of looks prove it too.
  • She doesn’t even know which pieces Kate Middleton will wear or on what occasions, but anyway it’s a success every time: I’m super grateful – she told The Telegraph – The Duchess of Cambridge is such a style icon, I’m thrilled that she likes my dresses .
  • The designer revealed in an interview with the Telegraph some secrets of the dresses worn by the surprise duchess.
  • This also applies to Kate Middleton’s dresses: even the most sober dress has a slit
  • Everyone knows Kate Middleton’s polka dot dresses, but few know that they conceal a wrong detail on purpose… Photographed, imitated and cited: Over the years, Kate Middleton has been able to build her own style, flawless and unmistakable.
  • Alessandra Rich is happy that among the favorite pieces of the Duchess there are long skirts, because they enhance the female body without discovering it, but confesses that in all her dresses there is a particular ‘wrong or dissonant, which breaks the harmony of together so as not to make a boring dress appear .
  • None, however, can match the fame of Kate Middleton, who regularly wears her clothes since 2018.

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