khadijha red thunder the importance of nature

Khadijha Red Thunder: “The importance of nature”

Sumary of Khadijha Red Thunder: “The importance of nature”:

  • «For me it means being open to everything that surrounds us and that reaches us, it is a challenge but also an opportunity.
  • What is the secret to always feeling in balance, in balance between mind and body.
  • To connect to my roots, to traditions and to do all things all the things that make me feel good since I was little.
  • Yoga at dawn, I run, do exercises, dance a lot and talk to my therapist.
  • Model and actress, but also Instagram star (@khadijha): what a message she tries to send to her increasingly numerous followers.
  • «I love to put my feet in the earth, to reconnect with my inner child.
  • They help me to express gratitude, a necessary practice to live in peace ».

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