labels to watch dresses for all seasons

Labels to Watch: Dresses for all seasons

Sumary of Labels to Watch: Dresses for all seasons:

  • Check out these beautiful dressmakers and order them for yourstore.Zazi Vintage Zazi’s sustainable concept consists of an ethically responsiblecomponent and beautiful clothes that give something back to the women whomade them.
  • Theconstant search for sustainable raw materials guarantees high-qualityproducts.
  • Lara KrudeLara Krude As the granddaughter of a bespoke tailor, Hamburg-based designer LaraKrude developed a fascination for traditional craftsmanship and the highquality of handmade clothing at an early age.
  • After several years as adesigner in Milan, she won the prestigious Designer for Tomorrow Award in2017 under the patronage of Stella McCartney.
  • Thelabel is all about effortless elegance and abstract femininity withtimeless pieces that help women feel like the best version of themselves -strong, independent and always curious.

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