Lemaire lightens clothing and Hed Mayner emphasizes it in his shows in Paris

Sumary of Lemaire lightens clothing and Hed Mayner emphasizes it in his shows in Paris:

  • For example, a trench coat is completely open in the back and is tied in the back with a ribbon, like an apron, while a chunky knit jumper looks normal in the front, but has no back.
  • On the second day of shows, the brands mainly played with proportions and weights, as we saw with Lemaire and Hed Mayner.
  • Revisiting their usual everyday wardrobe with key pieces like trench coats, pleated trousers and loose shirts, designers Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran draw inspiration from poetry, often with a romantic twist.
  • Another novelty this season is the fine-striped cotton pajama sets with long tunics accompanied by pants that look like sleeves, ending at the foot with the typical Monochromatic models are declined in a natural palette, as patinated by the sun, also offering bursts of freshness with light pinks and sky blues, barely suggested.
  • Hed Mayner, spring-summer 2023 – DR The same minimalist spirit reappears in the natural tones in Hed Mayner, but in a completely opposite register, whether in the thicker and more solid textures or in the oversized volumes.
  • Hernandez Sebastian Hernandez Sebastian On Wednesday, Paris Fashion Week presented men’s fashion that has been subtly renewed.
  • As always, the Israeli designer draws from the world of workwear to create a protective and practical unisex wardrobe, replete with oversized pockets, but this time he explores new constructions that leave the back completely bare.

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