lfw david komas sexy mermaids

LFW: David Koma’s sexy mermaids

Sumary of LFW: David Koma’s sexy mermaids:

  • Marine quotes mark the rhythm of the parade with jewelry in the shape of shells and starfish.
  • The Georgian stylist sends volitive sirens with dominatrix sensuality on the runway.
  • A moment from David Koma’s fashion show A black cloth, hung between the red brick buildings of Hackney, and colorful graffiti-studded murals form the backdrop to David Koma’s strong s-e 2023.
  • Mini dress with over-the-knee boots in total black or cobalt blue alternate with sinuous sequined dresses with swollen trains of goose feathers.
  • Tracksuits in neoprene and reflective phosphorescence give a sexy dimension to traditionally sporty fabrics.

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