lfw in the neon clouds by molly goddard

LFW: In the Neon Clouds by Molly Goddard

Sumary of LFW: In the Neon Clouds by Molly Goddard:

  • And on the ruffles of the maxi skirts, which can be violet, worn under cardigans in a lysergic, neon green.
  • Courageous volumes still stand out on the co-ed catwalk today.
  • A frou-frou full of grit, puffs and maximalism, which from west London has gone global.
  • Over the years, Goddard has in fact suggested to fashion how to insert a sweet sixteen aesthetic into real life, how to fill their everyday frills without making them lose their optimism.
  • A butter beginning, with a different weight than the expected tulle, is hoisted on colored Texans.
  • If at the end of the show, as more or less at every show, one wonders how much fabric is curled in a single Molly Goddard garment, during the whole show one is distracted by other catching pieces.
  • For plays on materials, colors, shapes, unexpected combinations.

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