Linda Evangelista disfigured returns to the cover, “but with retouching”

Sumary of Linda Evangelista disfigured returns to the cover, “but with retouching”:

  • (ANSA) And now she is back in front of the photographer’s lens.
  • I drank the magic potion, I did it because I’m a little vain, and it backfired , she continued, revealing: If I had known the effects collateral could include the loss of your livelihood and the risk of being so depressed that you hate yourself …
  • She appeared in multimillion-dollar campaigns for Revlon and, thanks to Gianni Versace, she was one of the first models to crossover between the model and the catwalk, which until then was a separate industry.
  • 57-year-old daughter of Italian immigrants, Evangelista grew up in Canada, in the Ontario town of St Catharines, where her father worked for General Motors and her mother was an accountant.
  • The following year, as well as in New York, she also had a house in Paris and had started working for Chanel.
  • A career that began in 1984 with the hiring of Elite Model Management.
  • About her failed operation in February she first spoke to People magazine saying she was tired of hiding I’m done hiding .

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