liz launches first institutional campaign

Liz launches first institutional campaign

Sumary of Liz launches first institutional campaign:

  • Liz has just launched her first institutional campaign, called Embrace your body.
  • Ligia Buonamici Costa, Liz’s CEO, says that the campaign is a result of all the work of the company’s employees and employees, and always seeks to reaffirm the brand’s commitment to
  • The campaign video highlights the importance of establishing a healthy and pleasurable relationship with In addition, it brings inspiring content about self-love, explaining the discovery of touch through the brand’s products that are directly linked to the connection of female bodies.
  • That consumers feel represented, loved, respected and embraced, in the same way that Liz’s products embrace with Liz’s first institutional campaign – Disclosure Following the parameters of Liz’s recent market research, behavioral trends and its essence of comfort, the campaign was created thinking about the woman consumer of the brand.
  • The campaign features videos, photos and a squad of influencers who are far from having the stereotypical body type.
  • The campaign is a statement: accept yourself, love yourself, and let Liz help you on this journey.

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