logistics service pickpoint joined the eco project of laut recycling

Logistics service PickPoint joined the eco-project of Laut Recycling

Sumary of Logistics service PickPoint joined the eco-project of Laut Recycling:

  • “Laut Recycling operates on a system of waste-free, ecologically closed recycling cycle.
  • The share of textiles recycled by Laut Recycling is 40% of the total volume in the country.
  • “With the help of self-delivery networks, industries have a new opportunity to organize interaction with individuals throughout the country.
  • Handing over unnecessary textiles through PickPoint is simple: you need to pack things in a bag or box and be sure to glue the packaging with tape, and then take it to the nearest post office or PickPoint issuing point with a return function and send it to Laut Recycling.
  • In order to organize a system for collecting unnecessary things that is simple and accessible in every region, Laut Recycling has connected the PickPoint self-delivery network.
  • From June 2022, everyone can take part in a new project to protect the environment from landfills, poorly decomposing clothes and other textiles, the PickPoint press service reports.
  • Now in Russia there is a shortage of secondary textile raw materials, and we are interested in large-scale involvement of everyone from all over the country to collect things that have become unnecessary.

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