louis vuitton launches sustainable sneaker

Louis Vuitton launches sustainable sneaker

Sumary of Louis Vuitton launches sustainable sneaker:

  • French fashion house Louis Vuitton has released a new sustainable unisex sneaker designed by its fanciful director Virgil Abloh, who passed away at the extremity of November last year.
  • Image: Louis Vuitton The unshared is made of 94 proportion cycle polyurethane, according to Louis Vuitton with idempotent efficiency in statuses of jump, cushion and foot support.
  • An immigrant to the Louis Vuitton amass and the embodiment of the Maison’s innovative spirit, this unprecedented model created by Virgil Abloh businessmen a new section in eco-design.
  • Image: Louis Vuitton The LV trainer is available in three material variations (white with green, chromatic or black) and is decorated with the house’s signature Sustainable Development logo and monogrammed blooms on the out unshared and #54 on the back.

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