Luxury fashion brands are going to conquer restoration

Sumary of Luxury fashion brands are going to conquer restoration:

  • Like Giorgio Armani, who was one of the pioneers in 1998 and already has twenty units around the world.
  • The most recent is Boss’s, which has just opened its first cafe in Rome, in partnership with the historic Vitti patisserie-bar in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, not far from his store.
  • The newly opened restaurant by the sea by Borsalino – DR This possibility of displaying its image and values ​​through this new segment also attracts more subtle brands and young designers.
  • Announcements of new openings have continued in recent weeks, with a trend for midsize brands to forge partnerships.
  • – Gucci Long before Dior and Vuitton, other houses entered this segment and paved the way.
  • And beige, will offer a unique Boss experience until November, where design and restoration are mixed with Roman influences, the brand explained in a press release.
  • After opening a shop in a former Michelin star restaurant in Lille in the spring, he took the plunge with his first gastronomic location in France.

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