Luxury: why fashion is accelerating in the restaurant industry

Sumary of Luxury: why fashion is accelerating in the restaurant industry:

  • Gucci Osteria is part of the brand’s Florentine palace, which houses a boutique and showrooms – Gucci Long before Dior and Vuitton, other maisons jumped the fence, opening the way.
  • Christian Dior, which already operates cafes and restaurants in Saint-Tropez, Tokyo, Seoul and Miami, understood this well with the ambitious project to renovate its historic Parisian address, at 30 Avenue Montaigne, where it opened the haute couture restaurant.
  • Not a week goes by without a fashion brand announcing the opening of a cafe or restaurant in their colors.
  • Businessman Gualtiero Vanelli to open Panama Restaurant Beach Versilia By Borsalino in Versilia Riviera, Tuscany, in Marina di Pietrasanta.
  • Its Citron café, installed since 2019 at Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysées, or the Chez Jeanne bistrot, which was opened in the same year in the Parisian boutique of Rouje, the brand of designer and influencer Jeanne Damas.
  • Monsieur Dior in March, which is not empty, with a restaurant in Osaka, Japan, and two cafes – one also in Osaka and the other in Seoul, South Korea – Louis Vuitton did not let itself be overtaken.
  • Not to mention Gucci, which has expanded its gastronomic offering around four locations in Florence, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Seoul; and Trussardi, which is getting ready to reopen its cafe and restaurant with Not to mention the publicity on social media through photos of beautiful dishes naturally presented on homemade crockery duly printed with The seaside restaurant just opened by Borsalino – DR This possibility of implanting one’s own image and values ​​through this new segment also appeals to more confidential brands and young designers.

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