maaree launches collaboration with skipping with sarah

Maaree launches collaboration with Skipping With Sarah

Sumary of Maaree launches collaboration with Skipping With Sarah:

  • Maaree founder Mari Thomas added: I’ve been a device of Sarah-Louse since the very early days of her neglect travel; she was inspirational to watch as she developed astonishing skills in a very short moment.
  • The Maaree x SkippingWithSarah amass features chic, structural and solution-focused leggings and cycle trousers to support women of all shapes and magnitudes to confidently leap rope and keep progressive.
  • The designs also have a hidden band pocket for an approval paper, key or cash and two side pouches.
  • Challenging conventional designs and supply women-first solutions to commodities, was how Maaree and our now award-winning sports bra designs came about.

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