making room for every shape size and ability on the runway

Making room for every shape, size and ability on the runway

Sumary of Making room for every shape, size and ability on the runway:

  • For the founders of Jam the Label, occupational therapists Emma Clegg and Molly Rogers, the entertainment was a possibility to educate those in the side row more acquainted with Prada than the contests of medicines, using video communications from the models as well as their creative designs.
  • Indigenous fashion took its first ceremonial stages on the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week runway last year, leaving the backstage door open for other marginal groups to make their evaluation in a space once withhold for mostly white, sample-sized models.
  • With shows by curve model agency Bella Management featuring model Robyn Lawley, gender and magnitude comprehensive creators Nicol & Ford, and adaptive covering labels Jam and Christina Stephens, those doors have been blown beamy open and a ramp installed for better access.
  • Designers Katie-Louise (side) and Timothy Nicol-Ford (centre breed) of Nicol & Ford with models at Carriageworks.Credit:Brook Mitchell The rebel spirit act at Nicol & Ford, where married designers Timothy and Katie-Louise Nicol-Ford celebrated body and gender diversity through the Vaseline-smeared filter of glamour.

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