Manolo Blahnik wins trademark lawsuit in China

Sumary of Manolo Blahnik wins trademark lawsuit in China:

  • When we got the call, we shed real tears. Blahnik added that the company’s plans for the Chinese market are still in the early stages, but she hopes to start direct sales in China in the second half of next year to be able to start.
  • After 22 years, the British luxury shoe designer has won a landmark trademark lawsuit in China.
  • The victory follows a new hearing in January, with the Supreme Court issuing a final ruling five months later, upholding the invalidation of Manolo Blahnik’s naming rights.
  • The brand has now made its way to nationwide retail for the first time.
  • The British luxury brand had filed a lawsuit to invalidate an unlawful trademark registration using the name Manolo Blahnik that prevented the designer from using his own name across China.
  • Manolo Blahnik The legal victory is also a strong precedent for other companies in the industry who want to assert their rights against brand pirates in China.
  • Manolo Blahnik will continue to vigorously protect his brands around the world in the interests of my uncle Manolo, our customers and our company. Manolo Blahnik She also told the Financial Times: It was a huge hole in our existence.

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