marco rambaldi rights to the center and the cast is more inclusive than ever

Marco Rambaldi: rights to the center. And the cast is more inclusive than ever

Sumary of Marco Rambaldi: rights to the center. And the cast is more inclusive than ever:

  • We must stay away from indifference, especially in this historical moment Based on these beliefs, Rambaldi has confirmed for this show the choice of a super inclusive cast with girls of all sizes, origins, ages and sexual orientations, in line with the aesthetic carried forward by the brand, open, without limits of gender, size or age.
  • It was Valentino who hosted Rambaldi’s creativity on his Instagram platform during last February’s fashion week, in a joint project with Camera Moda.
  • Rambaldi wanted to call the new collection dedicated to SS23 Odi et amo.
  • A coincidence, the one on the title, which underlines how the world of fashion, and art in general, lives with participation (and fear) these last days of the election campaign.
  • In the current phase there is a risk of taking back rights, but freedom must instead be defended every day, by women to the LGBT community », continues Rambaldi, finalist in Who is On Next?
  • Same title chosen, just yesterday, by Salvatore Benintende, aka TvBoy, for his latest provocative work of street art made in Rome starring Salvini, Meloni and Berlusconi, immediately removed.
  • “I chose Odi et amo – said the designer backstage before the start of the show – because they represent extremes.

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