marine serre is now a farm to table designer

Marine Serre Is Now a Farm-to-Table Designer

Sumary of Marine Serre Is Now a Farm-to-Table Designer:

  • If the torchon suiting and recycled silks have the cool factor Serre has cultivated, the most powerful section is a group of extraordinarily beautiful white pieces made from embroidered linen tablecloths and tea towels;
  • That is the right choice commercially, since the viral moon pieces have become so popular that they’re now knocked off by the fast fashion brands Serre’s business exists in contrast to.
  • ) Her clothing feels as much heavy metal and kinda goth and very gnarly, as it does lovely, with these well dressed, elegantly tattooed humans in a breathtaking country house tucking into squid-ink pasta ortolan-bunting style, linen napkins draped over their heads.
  • The printed pieces of this collection—which aren’t upcycled, but are instead ecologically certified viscose and jersey, per a certificate supplied by Serre’s team—combine familiar imagery from past Serre collections into pajama-like suits.

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