Measures for purchasing power in the hands of the Assembly, left and RN in the fray

Sumary of Measures for purchasing power in the hands of the Assembly, left and RN in the fray:

  • MEPs will continue with the examination of the draft amending budget for 2022 which should make it possible to finance and supplement these measures.
  • The National Assembly on July 7, 2022 – AFP After four and a half hours of discussions in the afternoon and then in the night, the deputies did not come to the end of article 1 of the first bill, which provides for the continuation of the prime Macron, an exceptional tax-free and desocialized bonus for employees.
  • These deputies will decline in amendments their own text of social emergency with an increase in the minimum wage to 1,500 euros or taxation of the superprofits of large groups.
  • The leader of the RN deputies Marine Le Pen had called shortly before the oppositions to work together to impose compromises on Emmanuel Macron .
  • For the LRs, discontent and incomprehension are there and you are fracturing society by granting checks to some, accused their speaker Thibault Bazin at the address of the executive.
  • No group, no political party, no deputy has an interest in saying at the end of the week that this text is not adopted , otherwise it means that the purchasing power of the French will not be protected , according to the president of the deputies LREM Aurore Bergé.
  • Above all, the rebellious attacked the good allies of the macronie, namely, according to them, the RN deputies who sought to amend or widen the bonus, and not to oppose it.

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