melon fashion group releases updated sustainability report

Melon Fashion Group releases updated sustainability report

Sumary of Melon Fashion Group releases updated sustainability report:

  • “Therefore, Zarina speaks loudly about women’s equality in its social projects, Befree promotes a culture of diversity and inclusion, Love Republic collects customers’ old clothes and gives them a second life, and Sela broadcasts awareness ideas in its communications.
  • The top manager emphasized that the modern world is waiting for the fashion industry to express its position on a number of issues that have never touched it before.
  • Now it covers not only the environmental agenda, but also the well-being of workers, gender equality, rational use of resources and waste management, ”the report says the words of Mikhail Urzhumtsev, CEO of the group.
  • Petersburg Melon Fashion Group contains the key non-financial results of the owner of the Love Republic, Zarina, Sela and Befree brands for 2021, as well as information on approaches to sustainable development management and plans for the current year.

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