Mexico protests with Shein for use of Mayan motif

Sumary of Mexico protests with Shein for use of Mayan motif:

  • On Wednesday, the Mexican government stated that it had sent an objection text to Chinese budget fashion giant Shein for commercialising clothing featuring a structure created by Mayan artisans.
  • Pictures posted by Yucachulas on social instrumentalities to entertainment the likeness between the two models – Facebook Yucachulas The Mexican government has sent an objection text to fashion company Shein, asking it to publicly inform on what dominance it is commercialising a collective possession on an independent foundation, the Mexican Ministry of Culture said.
  • In new years, the Mexican government has repeatedly populate objections with various fashion names, from Spanish giant Zara to descriptions like Carolina Herrera and Isabel Marant, for using components typical of the culture of Mexico’s native peoples in their amasses, knock the practice as inexcusable cultural appropriation.

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