Miriam Leone changes her look: now she has a short bob with blonde shades

Sumary of Miriam Leone changes her look: now she has a short bob with blonde shades:

  • Those little things we do just for ourselves, those that no matter what others think …
  • She recently showed herself in an unprecedented version, revealing to fans that having given us a cut to renew herself with a touch.
  • Even the color seems to be renewed: no more natural fiery red, now the actress is sporting some adorable golden shades that add a touch Miriam Leone with the bob Why Miriam Leone cut her hair Why Miram Leone gave us a clean cut ?
  • In the last few hours, however, she gave us a cut and she revealed it on social media, where she shared selfies with an unprecedented slightly scaled helmet.
  • Miriam Leone’s new haircut Miriam Leone had been wearing medium-length hair for years: even when she went blonde to take on the role of Eva Kant, she never gave up on long hair up to the décolleté.
  • She explained it herself in the first images of the new cut In the caption, in fact, in addition to thanking the hairdresser Davide Diodovich, she also wrote: I have always given my hair to my characters with love …
  • She changed her look drastically, saying goodbye to lengths and sporting an adorable short bob with golden shades.

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