models jaw dropping burning man outfit

Model’s jaw-dropping Burning Man outfit

Sumary of Model’s jaw-dropping Burning Man outfit:

  • Others opted for more traditional Burning Man attire, comprised of bras, chains and goggles – including former Victoria’s Secret version Kelly Gale.The Swedish-Australian version with 1.6 million followers shared a snap wearing an uncomplicated black mesh bikini that she had worn underneath an array of body jewellery.
  • In another snap, Pip opted for a khaki bandeau bikini worn under an oversized pair of camouflage pants.
  • Burning Man constant Paris Hilton also pulled out all the stops for her return to the Playa, rocking a silver dress and nude knee high-heeled boots.
  • She wasn’t the only well-known face at the festival, with Australian activewear designer Pip Edwards also sharing snaps from her dirty adventure.

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