montblanc an extreme party lights up paris

Montblanc, an Extreme party lights up Paris

Sumary of Montblanc, an Extreme party lights up Paris:

  • Let’s also add the soft light of the sunset time, and here is that a warm evening, but not too hot, in mid-June, at the beginning of men’s fashion week, turns into an event.
  • And the ingredients for a memorable evening would already be there.
  • Let’s add good music and, above all, a new collection of accessories to be revealed.
  • The new and already iconic collection, designed by the artistic director Tomasetta, comes from the secrets and details of the boundless and up to now too little
  • Its park, the staircase and, in front of us, the illuminated Eiffel Tower.
  • A postcard, one of the romantic ones that only a truly involved lover could send you.
  • And then, a parterre of guests – as they say – of all respect: from Emma Roberts to Jon Kortajarena, from Stella Maxwell to the young Italian actors Alberto Malanchino and Cristiano Caccamo.

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