natura sources from the colombian amazon

Natura sources from the Colombian Amazon

Sumary of Natura sources from the Colombian Amazon:

  • The brand assures that this is the first step in a project to supply organic natural materials that has been carried out in Colombia since 2019 and that now, after two years of pandemic, trials and relationships, it is seeing its fruits.
  • The Brazilian supplies supplies in Colombia – Natura The contract signed by the Brazilian and the Cooperativa Agrosolidaria, based in Caquetá, in the south of the country, was signed for three years, renewable.
  • Natura & Co., the Brazilian cosmetics giant, officially signs its first supplier of raw materials in Colombia.
  • We signed a three-year renewable agreement guaranteeing at least five About 280 hectares of the area are protected, informed Portfolio Alexandre Lemos, general manager of Natura Cosmetics in Colombia.

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