Nayfava: Dominant Gurung tray contrasty steely

Sumary of Nayfava: Dominant Gurung tray contrasty steely:

  • «Voyeurism: the act of looking at people instead of seeing them», writes the designer on Instagram to present the show.
  • The parade of the Prabal Gurung s-e 2023 show C is a white space Almost like a natural continuation of last September’s fashion show, with the claim “Stronger in color”, the designer-activist shows clothes inside an industrial space in New York with phosphorescent shades, bright colors, bold sillhouette.
  • The inspiration comes from the outskirts of New York where «the nightlife of the younger generations evokes a familiar as well as new sense of imperturbable authenticity, which is the same fire With a heterogeneous casting of models and as close to reality as possible, the designer he explained that it was a show focused on the characters, on the human being.

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