new report cleaning up fashion urges government action

New report Cleaning Up Fashion urges government action

Sumary of New report Cleaning Up Fashion urges government action:

  • A new report called Cleaning Up Fashion urges the Government to amplify sustainability in action, recognising and supporting the work of pioneers and putting an end to exploitation and environmental harm.
  • The report explores long term sustainable solutions, with key recommendations for both policy makers and business leaders.
  • These recommendations, if actioned, would not only mitigate against the potential suffering of garment workers at the bottom of the supply chain everywhere from Leicester to Xinjiang;
  • they would also address the escalating impacts of the fashion industry on the environment’s finite resources, as a consequence of consumer choices based on an unsustainable and untransparent fashion business models.
  • Highlighted issues included worker exploitation, climate change as well as sustainable solutions to support sector transformation towards net zero and the levelling up agenda.

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