new york mens day exemplified a new masculinity

New York Men’s Day exemplified a new masculinity

Sumary of New York Men’s Day exemplified a new masculinity:

  • Potts had one of the widest breadths of offerings with perforated maxi dresses, wide-cut pants, layered coats, and jumpsuits.
  • Even on the more minimalist frontier, the idea of the classic suits or oversized cuts for guys went out of the window.
  • Instead, there was a black sequin suit from Atelier Cillian, Suits with maxi skirts for men from Terry Singh, and a burgundy and grey two-tone number from Nicholas Raefski.
  • New York Fashion Week kicked officially kicked off with the annuals New York Men Day Atelier Cillian through any notions men had about what traditionally dressing up meant straight out of the window.

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