nyfw american teen secondo coach

NYFW: American-teen secondo Coach

Sumary of NYFW: American-teen secondo Coach:

  • A stars and stripes flag, a vibrant reflection especially of his youth, those teens to whom the Tapestry brand seems to be addressing in an almost exclusive way for several seasons now.
  • On the feet, basketball shoes and rubber sandals with a beachy vibe from the collection.
  • Set on a dream pier, the collection explores US heritage through the lens of fluidity and circularity, celebrating the beauty of imperfection with pieces designed to last.
  • “For s-e 2023 I was inspired by the fluid approach to fashion of the new gen, with pieces that become more beautiful the more they are worn and references to the past reinterpreted in the present”, explained Vevers in the notes to the show.
  • “It was fun to show for the first time ever,” said the artist, for whom the brand designed the stage clothes for the Long Live Montero tour, which departed from Detroit last Thursday.
  • “I am thrilled to have been chosen as the face of Coach, a maison that believes in many of my own values,” he added.
  • The messenger-style Tabby bag debuts in a colorful material with a jelly-like finish.

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