organizers of the view premium selection draw a positive conclusion

Organizers of the View Premium Selection draw a positive conclusion

Sumary of Organizers of the View Premium Selection draw a positive conclusion:

  • The View Premium Selection is divided into four areas: Fabrics, Additionals, Design Studio and Denim & Sportswear.
  • Against this background, many important discussions are taking place here at the View, says Nick Müller, agency Max Müller, with collections such as Limonta, Riopele, Mitsui, Inwool, Fabric Lab.
  • With a selected selection of over 300 pre-collections, the View Premium Selection was on the 21st.
  • Trends in the View Premium Selection range from maxi checks to metawear, enthusiastic colors and shiny, moving surfaces to high-tech and textile intelligence.
  • Innovations such as 3D print elements, reflective prints and fluorescent colors and prints are very well received, explains Marcello Silva, It’S Artea, Italy (TTG Textilagentur Thomas Geiger).
  • The View is an important appointment that gives a first orientation, says José Carlos Ortigão, Riopele, Portugal.
  • According to the organizer, the start of the season for the European premium fabric industry in Munich was a complete success.

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